Quick Ways to Make Money as a Food Blogger

Insider tips and tricks for making money in your first few months as a blogger.

It's no secret that blogging can be a profitable work-from-home business. A quick search in Google will give you plenty of success stories from women around the world who have changed their lives just by blogging about something they are passionate about.

Everyone reads a food blog at some point

When it comes to blogging there really is nothing more successful than a food blog. Afterall, every human has to eat and most of us find ourselves at one point in our lives searching online for a recipe!  The audience for food blogs is diverse to say the least.  Parents searching for kid-friendly recipes, singles searching for a meal to impress a date, health fanatics searching for diet approved recipes to keep things interesting, the list goes on.   Gone are the days of recipe directories dominating search results, today Pinterest is now dominating top positions for each and every recipe idea we search for. And guess where those Pinterest results point to? Food Blogs!

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Blogging is a real business

You'll find a food blog for just about any type of cuisine, diet plan, cooking style, you name it. The opportunity for new food bloggers really is unlimited if you are willing to treat this like a real business. You can scour the Internet for tutorials and sign up for one of the many DIY website makers or hire a professional web designer to build a website for you. Each method offers up its own advantages for the new blogger depending upon how quickly you want to actually make money.

5 Ways to make money with your food blog:
  • Selling eBooks with Your Recipes.
  • Display Ads Using Google AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Selling banner ad space on your blog
  • YouTube Videos
Insider Tip #1: Create a Sales Funnel Immediately

While there are several ways to generate income ranging from creating/selling an information product (course / ebook) to standard affiliate marketing and sponsored posts, you'll want to make sure that you set yourself up from day one to have a sales funnel of some type. The purpose of the funnel should initially be to build your email list. As you grow and setup affiliate partnerships and create info products you will eventually begin to do actual selling through your funnel. Its easy to just want to focus on creating great content, but overlooking this crucial step will result in a much slower monetization of your blog.

Insider Tip #2: Pay for traffic from day one

There are many free ways to grow traffic to your blog through guest posting, organic SEO, and social media followings but these all take time to build up. What if we told you that its possible to start monetizing your blog from the very first post? When using targeted marketing efforts such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads you can create content and serve it up to the exact audience who will interact with it. Its a simple formula of cost per conversion. If it takes you spending $1 per lead to make a $5 affiliate commission from a sponsored blog post then the numbers make total sense.

It's not hard to see that blogging can quickly become a lucrative side (or full-time) business if you focus on treating it "like a business" from the very start. Having a brand and professional image along with good content will keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.

Have you started a food blog yet?

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